The drink «Sikera»

The drink «Sikera» has been known to the people of Tartaria from ancient times. The name «Sikera» meant “to shine like the Sun”. This drink had a pleasing savor and could brace people up.

It's in the severe climate of Grand Tartaria, where «Sikera» acquired its unique character: strength, a soft taste and a delicate afterglow of wild berries, nuts and herbs. For centuries, Grand Tartaria had been fostering the Masters – creators of the drink “Sikera”. In many respects, the taste of “Sikera” depended on Master's skills: he had to know the secrets of preparation, to be good at the variety of herbs, berries, nuts and honey. All ingredients of «Sikera» had to be natural, whereas the Master had to have true and heavenly thoughts to avoid drink spoilage. Nowadays, «Sikera» is a harmonious and well-balanced drink. Like other alcohol drinks, «Sikera», containing the variety of natural wild ingredients, gathered in the virgin places of Siberia, has its original bouquet, which depends on different factors. Its flavour is felt not only in preparation, but also in consumption. The drink is well combined with both: meat dishes and light fruit desserts. The colour of the drink changes depending on the used raw products: from brightgolden to dark-brown, sometimes with the shade of ruby. The drink strength is 40% alcohol content.