«ProWine Singapore 2016»

«ProWine Singapore-2016» became a real discovery for us. During just 4 days, nearly 50000 people visited the exhibition while approximately 6000 participants did their best to promote their unique product and to introduce it to the world. This event can surely be considered as extensive and international.

For the time being at the exhibition, our stand, especially our brand products were met with a huge success: a strong alcohol-containing harmonic and well-balanced drink «Sikera» and non-alcoholic freshy pleasant to taste drinks, possessing the power of the Siberian vastitudes and based on gifts of the pristine nature – people just admired an unforgettable taste and took our contacts for a possible future collaboration.

In the times of the ancient Rus’ the biggest territory occupying a number of lands, which were inhibited by our ancestors was called the Great Tartaria. On the territory of the Great Tartaria, the land which was situated in the zone of the severe climate, the hopped drink “Sikera” acquired the meaning of a strong drink with its unique character, soft taste and delicate afterglow used for the production of this drink of different raw materials. The legend has it, that the name “Sikera” meant “to shine like the Sun”.

Our literally spicy alcoholic drink Sikera “Singing Pepper” was very warmly and positively met by the audience: despite the drink spice, visitors tried to recognize, to feel the whole sense of our Siberian drink. Our non-alcoholic natural drinks were popular among the wide audience, especially the ones with cranberry and blueberry. On the one hand, the exhibition seemed to be very intensive, on the other hand – very proliferous and profitable in regard to new acquaintances and great experience which is a priori the most essential for any company.

We think this exhibition must be a push towards the effective future and prosperity of our company and our products not only on the Russian, but also on the international market.