Mors and Boltuschka

In Ancient times the people inhabiting Siberian vastitudes made different drinks in order to keep fit and be healthy for the reason that winters in Siberia were very severe.

The major drink of Siberians was “Mors”, which was made of natural wood berries (rose hips, sea-buckthorn, arrow-wood) and heath berries (cranberry, foxberry, blueberry) containing a necessary number of useful mineral matters, vitamins and energy.

Berries should be carefully washed, put into wood barrels and flooded with clean spring water, after what barrels were left in a dark cool place where the drink could be infused up to several months, at the moment acquiring all helpful properties of the Siberian wild harvests.

The other very important drink in the ration of the Siberians was “Boltushka”, a traditional taiga drink, which was gained through grain germination. With that, there appeared a sweet liquid in which Siberian berries were added. Boltushka used to be infused, boiled and stewed in furnaces. To obtain a more saturated taste different Siberian herbs could be infused as well. People preferred to drink it cool mainly to allay thirst, but sometimes in the long Siberian winter evenings people warmed it up and enjoyed its heating properties.