«Vinexpo» and «Thaifex»

This time our working team representing Unique Food Technology Ltd. happened to visit two exhibitions at a time which were held virtually in the same days. These are Vinexpo in Hong-Kong and Thaifex in Bangkok. These exhibitions are outlined against the others with their scales and great opportunities on attracting international partners.

Within 8 days we and our beautiful promo-models organized testing sessions of our Siberian natural drinks: blends “Sikera” and non-alcoholic freshy drinks. It’s essential to single out that our product gathered all favorable comments and made the audience lost in admiration. Not only did amateurs want to taste our strong luxurious blends, but also professionals and people who have been into this market for a long time and looking for something new, unique like our drinks.

Emphasizing the features of our blends, I’d like to add that today Sikera is a natural harmonious and delicious drink, keeping a true character of Siberian vastitudes, its climate and the traditions of the people who live on this territory. The other presented drink was mors. Being the main drink of Siberians mors made of natural wild berries and heathberries contains a needed number of useful substances, vitamins and energy.

It was noted once again that the blend named “Singing pepper” became the most favorite among the whole Sikera production line. As known, Asia adores spicy food – that's why that spice in our drink was very suitable. Sometimes even after the tiniest sip people burst in tears, still it made the public turn on. Our premium blend “Grand Tartaria” was also in huge demand as well as the whole berry line of Sikera, afterglow of which didn’t let anybody down, but instead, made them fall in love with our Siberian brand.

In a nutshell about exhibitions themselves. The exhibitions under the auspices “Vinexpo” are the major purpose-oriented and top-priority event fro many manufacturers of spirits, buyers, importers and individuals interested in the distribution of certain production. Thaifex exhibitions are also of high importance fro those who want to lead and develop their own business in a definite direction. Thiafex exhibitions are held within the frames of a bigger event for the whole world – “Anuga Cologne” the participation in which is essential for us as well.